Thriving Herds, Thriving Farmers.

January 14, 2021by Admin0
What makes a herd thrive? A cow produce more? A farmer become more profitable while reducing the cost of production?
Here are a few tips that can help you succeed in dairy farming.
1. Proper feeding. Cows, just like humans needs nutritious feed for proper production. Make sure to provide clean drinking water throughout the day.
2. Maintain proper health for your cows. Deworm often, control ticks and tsetse fly, provide required minerals e.t.c.
3. Proper record keeping. This will help you know how your farm is making money and how it is utilizing the same.
4. Ensure maximum cow comfort. A comfortable cow is a high producer. Provide a comfortable sleeping area, make sure the sheds are clean and dry. Maximum comfort = maximum yield.
5. Reduce the cost of production by preventing diseases, reducing the calving interval, providing nutritious feeds which some you can easily make at home e.t.c
6. Proper breeding. Know how to improve your breeds through artificial insemination.
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