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DigiCow Dairy App

This App gives farmers access to verified, reliable and timely information on animal husbandry from wherever they are. The App provides a 24-hour service training room where farmers can listen to audio and video training content or written content on demand.

The app also has a real-time Chatroom where farmers get to interact, exchange ideas and experts within the group are able to assist.

The App enables farmers to digitize their farm records, has an inbuilt analytics system that provides real time reports to the farmers. In addition, it sends notification to the farmers regarding important dates for their cows.


Tegea – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

This is an extension platform designed to support farmers who predominantly use basic feature phones. Through this platform, we push bulk SMSes and calls of pre-recorded training content. This solution is scalable and can be very targeted to reach as little as 10 farmers and as many as 1 Million in a matter of minutes. Due to its scalable nature it is perfect to use when to pre-record the content in mother tongue.  The system generates real time reports and a survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the messaging in the content pushed out.


Ndume App

This is an offshoot of the main Digicow app, that is used by the veterinary service providers to digitize health and Artificial Insemination records on behalf of farmer. Through the Ndume app, we provide an Electronic Record Management platform that can be accessed by all decision makers in the livestock value chain. The app enables the veterinary provider to digitize diagnosis, treatment, deworming, breeding, vaccination and AI records.

Farmers are able to access the digitized records automatically through the Digicow app which is able to predict key dates and events for the animals such as when the cow will calve down, when pregnancy confirmation should be done. The app then sends in-app and SMS reminder notifications on all important dates to farmers; including those without smart phones.


Digital Group Trainings

This is a highly specialized feature that enables Digicow to offer digital extension services to farmers without smart phone. With this method, farmers are trained in their vernacular languages and register their attendance via USSD.

Through this social impact training method, we have worked with multiple partners including: input suppliers, development partners and Government projects with great success on content retention and adoption.

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Digicow Africa LTD, is an award winning Kenyan Agritech established in 2018, formerly known as FarmingTech Solutions is a Kenyan Company. We develop mobile based technologies that support the agricultural sector.
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