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DigiCow Dairy App

  • Enables data driven decisions.
  • 24hr digital training room
  • Peer to peer engagement through a common chatroom
  • Expert consultancy through a private chatroom
  • Digital records & analyzed reports
  • Timely alert in-app and SmS notifications sent to farmers on important gestation dates.
  • Available on play store at no charge.
  • Social Impact training of farmers in common interest groups (CIGs)

Tegea – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

  • Enables bulk SmSes and bulk phone calls.
  • Pre-recorded podcasts scheduled as phone calls to a magnitude of farmers
  • Real – time reports
  • Uses all local dialects
  • Supports farmers with both android & basic phones.
  • Cuts across all value chains.
  • 360 degree feedback mechanism that offers algorithms that support dairy stakeholders and partners make the right decisions.

Ndume App

  1. Digitizing Breeding records
  2. Digitizing Health Records
  3. Farmers getting a digital certificate and periodic gestation alert SmSes.
  4. Share Analyzed report to our partners
  5. Used by service providers; Veterinary Officers, AHAs
About Us
Farmingtech Solutions Ltd is a Kenyan company registered in 2014; with operations beginning in 2016. Our core business is development of mobile phone technologies for the agricultural sector to enable the agricultural value chain increase productivity and profitability through data driven decisions.
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