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We offer Digital Vet and A.I Services

How it works

  • Farmers call or SmS when cow is on heat and gets linked with the nearest inseminator.

Why the Digital A.I

  • Remedy rampant repeat A.I
  • Remedy prolonged calving Interval which result in loses.
  • Assist the farmer track gestation

Benefits to farmer:

  • Timely A.I service
  • Timely reminders on important dates along the gestation
  • Just in time training on how to identify repeat A.I, Pregnancy Confirmation, when to dry, how to dry, when to steam, when the cow will calve.
About Us
Farmingtech Solutions Ltd is a Kenyan company registered in 2014; with operations beginning in 2016. Our core business is development of mobile phone technologies for the agricultural sector to enable the agricultural value chain increase productivity and profitability through data driven decisions.
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