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Under the Disruptive Agricultural Technologies D.A.T initiative implemented by the County Department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development through the NARIGP project, farmers in Nandi are now leveraging on emerging agricultural digital solutions in a bid to ensure that their productivity & profitability is scaled up.
One of the D.A.T Cohorts in Nandi include DigiCow , a mobile-based service delivery platform linking small livestock owners to veterinary and artificial insemination services and feed suppliers (UBER-like technology), which aggregates demand resulting in a significant increase in milk productivity.
On Thursday, the Chief Officer in charge of Cooperative Development Dr. Bernadette Tiony led the D.A.T Cohort in introducing additional and exciting dairy technologies; the use of a digital Artificial Insemination AI gun as well as use of Livestock Digital Pregnancy Diagnosis PD scanner for AI effectiveness of Lessos Dairy Farmers’ Cooperative members at Mr. Nehemiah Sereto farm in Mogobich location, Olessos ward.
With the help of digital AI gun and Pregnancy Scanner, Animal Health Assistants and AI service providers alike can now effectively inseminate and conduct accurate Pregnancy Diagnosis saving farmers time and money thus increasing productivity.
Other dairying interventions by the cohort include Digital Veterinary Services (*483*7#), Digital Training and Digital Record Keeping Through their App (…) and Digital Trainings Through Interactive Voice Recorder (IVRs)
Through digitalization, information as well as its analysis can be used to make accurate decisions and make the dairy farming flourish. #TugaTai #TransformingNandi

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